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PayPal Here is a mobile payment solution that includes an app and a thumb-sized card reader for  iPhone, Android or iPad device. PayPal Here accepts multiple forms of payment  – credit cards, debit cards, checks, invoicing, and PayPal payments.

PayPal Here is available for small business owners who need a simple way to accept payments on-the-go or as a point of sale solution in their retail store. Need to add the necessary stuff to make a full blown Point of Sale system?

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PayPal Here

How do I print receipts?

If you're using an iPad with PayPal Here or PayPal Card Reader, you can print paper receipts immediately following a payment or at any time from the  menu.

Watch our How-to video on setting up this hardware on YouTube!

Supported receipt printers

PayPal Here supports the following Star Micronics or Epson receipt printers with either an Ethernet or Bluetooth connection . The choice on which to use depends on your device type (Apple, Android or Windows) and your preference.

iOS - PayPal Here for iPhone and  iPad support the following receipt printers
(in addition to printers that are AirPrint or ePrint enabled)

  • Star Micronics
    • TSP113LAN (Ethernet connection via LAN) receipt printer w/ tear-bar
    • TSP143LAN (Ethernet connection  via LAN) receipt printer w/ auto-cutter
    • TSP651LAN (Ethernet connection via LAN) receipt printer w/ tear-bar
    • TSP654IIE3 (Ethernet connection via LAN) receipt printer w/ auto-cutter
    • SM-S220i (connect via Bluetooth) mobile printer
    • SM-T300 (connects via LAN or Bluetooth) mobile printer
  • Epson
    • TM-T20II (connect via Bluetooth) receipt printer
  • Woosim
    • WSP R240 (connect via Bluetooth) mobile printer

Android - PayPal Here for Android supports the following receipt printers:

  • Star TSP143LAN (Ethernet connection via wireless router) receipt printer w/ auto-cutter
  • Star TSP654IIE3 (Ethernet connect via wireless router) receipt printer w/ auto-cutter
  • Woosim WSR R240 (connection via Bluetooth) mobile printer

Your printer will need to have an Ethernet or Bluetooth interface to be compatible with PayPal Here.


Star Receipt Printers

STAR TSP143LAN Receipt Printer

Star Micronics TSP100Receipt Printer is the first All-in-One receipt printer on the market today!. The advantage of TSP143LAN Receipt Printer is evident for applications such as retail, restaurants, and convenience stores. TSP143LAN Receipt Printer is provided with all standard operating system drivers (Windows, Linux and Mac) and specialty drivers such as OPOS and JPOS. The printer is also directly supported in PayPal Here. Star has also included a number of embedded simple utilities that will enhance Retail or Hospitality CRM in POS applications and therefore make the entire experience simple. These printers come complete with every thing you need including printer, power supply, Ethernet cable, wall bracket and a roll of thermal paper.


printer brochure

Ethernet Putty, US, thermal, printer, 2 color, auto-cutter, ETHERNET (LAN), power supply and cable included
39463710 Putty $690 $429.95
Buy New Epson TM-T88IV White - Ethernet interface
Ethernet Gray US, thermal, printer, 2 color, auto-cutter, ETHERNET (LAN), power supply and cable included
39463110 Black $690 $429.95
Buy New Epson TM-T88IV White - Ethernet interface

Star Mobile Printers

The SM-S220i is a revolutionary portable Bluetooth printer that is compatible with all operating systems (Windows«, AndroidTM, iOS) including devices such as the Apple iPad«, iPhone« and iPod touch«. Compatibility with iOS is a result of Apple Inc.'s MFi certification of the SM-S220i portable printer.


  • PayPal here does not currently support the Star SM-S220i with Android (just Apple)
  • The SM-S220 does not have a cash drawer port. Use the Star TSP143LAN instead.

Star SM-S220i Portable Printer

printer brochure



Buy New Epson TM-T88IV White - Ethernet interface


Thermal Printer Paper

80 mm (3-1/8 Inch) Wide Thermal Roll Paper for Star and Epson Thermal Printers
PA79T1275 3-1/8 inch wide, thermal paper, 1 roll  $3.00 Buy Refurbished Epson TM-U375 Serial printer
PA79T122010 3-1/8 inch wide, thermal paper, 10 rolls  $27.00 Buy Refurbished Epson TM-U375 Serial printer
PA79T122050 3-1/8 inch wide, thermal paper, 50 rolls  $89.00 Buy Refurbished Epson TM-U375 Serial printer

Printing receipts

With PayPal Here, you can provide receipts to customers by email or text. If you’d like to print them out, set up your printer first.

Open the top of the printer and insert the receipt paper. Connect your printer to your router with the Ethernet cable. Connect your printer to your cash drawer.

Insert the smaller end of the MultiPro« cable into the back of the printer and the larger end into the bottom of the cash drawer. Plug in the printer and turn it on.

Now you’re ready to turn on PayPal Here’s receipt printing feature:

  1. Tap the Settings icon, then Settings.
  2. Tap Printers & Cash Drawers.
  3. If you don’t see a list of printers, toggle the switch for printing to ON.
  4. Select your printer type.
  5. Having trouble? Make sure your mobile device is on the same wireless network as the printer — or use Bluetooth.
You can now send or print receipts. During checkout, the Send Receipt screen will prompt you to send a receipt to the customer via Mobile, Email, or Print. If you don't want to provide a receipt, simply tap No Thanks.



Setting up your cash drawer

Connect to a cash register to make change for customers and store cash. When you set up a cash drawer with PayPal, it will automatically open for every cash transaction or when issuing a cash refund. PayPal Here for iPad and iPhone work with cash drawers that connect to the Star TSP 143L or Star TSP 654L receipt printer and are equipped with the MultiPro 320 24 Volt interface connection. Examples include the APG Vasario 1313 and APG Vasario 1616.

PayPal Here for Android does not currently support cash drawers.

Connect your cash drawer

Before you begin, you’ll need the following:

If you have set up a printer to work with PayPal Here, you can also connect a cash drawer to create a full point-of-sale system. Simply connect your printer to the cash drawer using a MultiPro cable. Tap the Settings icon, then Settings, then Printers, and select your desired printer. On this new page, toggle the switch for Cash Drawer to ON.

Select Open Cash Drawer to test your setup. The drawer will pop open if connected correctly.


APG  Cash Drawers

The APG Series 4000 cash drawer is one of the toughest on the market, utilizing industrial components to With resistance to the most brutal environments, APG drawers feature sturdy steel frames powder coated in cloud white or black to resist scratches and other external abuse. Industrial grade steel ball bearing slides on the drawer won't wear like silicon wheels and promote silky smooth opening and closing every time. The heavy duty latch mechanism is rated for over 4 million operations, allowing you to open the drawer 200 times a day, every day, for nearly 55 years.

With your choice of one or two under till media slots, the Series 4000 makes safely storing receipts, large bills, or other important media a snap. The spacious heavy duty till features coated bill stays and stronger than average dividers, so you can be sure your money stays put.

  • Compatible with PayPal & Amazon
  • Connects to Star and Epson series printers
  • Dual, beveled media slots flow into flexible media storage
  • Storage space for coin rolls, packaged bills, and media make the entire POS workstation more efficient
  • Various popular sizes and colors will fit most configurations
  • Can be customized to fit your specific applications
  • Convenient access interface location, with APG's standard or custom electronic interfaces, helps provide an easy and trouble free solution
  • Available with painted or stainless steel drawer front
  • Four-function lock provides multiple levels of security
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on all mechanical and electrical parts provides peace of mind
  • APG's heavy duty cash drawers are manufactured in the USA


  • Cash drawers must be connected through desktop receipt printers (not mobile printers).
  • Currently PayPal Here does not support cash drawers with Android.


Vasario Series - Standard Duty, 16" Wide Drawer              
VB320-BL1616 Black Black Coin-roll std. Dual 24v black $230.95
Buy Epson ERC-38 Ribbon Cartridge
VB320-BG1616 White White Coin-roll std. Dual 24v Black $230.95
Buy Epson ERC-38 Ribbon Cartridge
Vasario Series - Compact, 13" Wide Drawer              
VB320-BL1313 Black Black Coin-roll std. Single 24v black $210.95
Buy Epson ERC-38 Ribbon Cartridge
VB320-BG1313 White White Coin-roll std. Single 24v Black $210.95
Buy Epson ERC-38 Ribbon Cartridge

MultiPro Printer Cord Kit, 24v (Epson, Star)

connects drawer to printer and provides power     $9.95 Buy Epson ERC-38 Ribbon Cartridge


The PayPal Here card reader is designed to accommodate many popular iPad stands, including Heckler Windfall (Windfall C and Mini only), Wallee Pivot, Targus Versavu and Belkin FlipBlade stands.

What barcode scanners work with PayPal Here?

PayPal Here supports certain barcode scanners for iOS, Android and Windows.

iOS and Android
Barcodes can be scanned with built-in cameras on iOS and Android devices.



PayPal Starter Kit for iPad

Complete your countertop POS with this kit. Print paper receipts, daily sales reports and summaries right from your iPad.

Includes: Star TSP143 Ethernet Printer, APG 13" wide Vasario Cash Drawer, drawer cable, extra 2 rolls of thermal receipt paper and installation support.  Just provide the Wi-Fi network, the iPad with card reader and a PayPal account.



Everything you need to get started taking in orders and money (except the iPad and the cash for the till!). Includes, Star receipt printer with Ethernet interface, APG Vasario 13" cash drawer with till, 2 rolls of receipt paper, and all cables for connecting the printer and cash drawer.

Reg $446.95                    Sale $409.95


PayPal Starter Kit

Black Star Printer
Black Vasario Cash Drawer
Buy Epson ERC-38 Ribbon Cartridge

Build Your Own
Buy Epson ERC-38 Ribbon Cartridge



WHITE Star printer
WHITE Vasario  Cash drawer
Buy Epson ERC-38 Ribbon Cartridge


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