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How to Install Epson Printer Drivers for POS printers

Installation of the Windows printer drivers lets you install the Epson POS printer to be a printer under Windows. A lot of POS software requires that you first install the printer in Windows before using it.

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For step-by-step instructions on installing Epson drivers for a printer with a specific interface type please choose from the list below:

Serial Interface Installation Guide
Parallel Interface Installation Guide
USB Interface Installation Guide
Ethernet Interface Installation Guide
Wireless Interface Installation Guide
Bluetooth Wireless Installation Guide
IDN Installation Guide

Obtaining the Epson Device Drivers for Windows

To obtain the latest Epson Device Drivers from Epson:

Use the supplied driver disk from Beagle Hardware or download and Install Epson’s drivers  available from

Installing the Device Drivers for Windows

Installing Epson Printer Drivers in Windows  

Unpacking the Drivers
After downloading the driver installer from Epson, the drivers need to be unpacked before the installer can run.

Starting the Installation
The installer walks you through selecting the model and interface you are installing drivers for in Windows.

Add the Model of the Printer you have.
Press the 'Add' button to add the new printer to Windows.

Selecting the Printer and the Printer Port
Choose the Epson model of the printer installed from the pull-down menu and choose the type of interface in use (serial, parallel, USB, Ethernet, etc.) for the port type.
  Specify the options specific to the type of interface you are using. The options will depend on the type of interface card installed in the printer.

Installing the Driver Files
The installer will summarize the drivers selected. You can back up and change the driver here, if necessary.

Completing the Driver Installation
The drivers will now be installed with the model and port selected.

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